Your Extra Eye on the Road

BP7.1 is a 24hr monitoring 2-channel DVR. It comes with 3.5“ LCD touch screen, low car battery voltage & high temperature cut-off and offline ADAS. The ADAS setting in BP 7.1 supports Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) & Front Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA). LDWS warns the driver if it detects car skidding away from the lane, while FVSA alert the driver when the car ahead has moved forward.

Digital Video Recorder

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Compact Size with Great Impact

Small enough to be less distractive but big enough to bring maximum form of musical entertainment in the car. With beautifully designed LED backlights and display panel

1-DIN Car Radio

More than just a Radio

Ultimate sound system and maximum music entertainment with different specified function to exceed the requirement for every kind of drivers.

2-DIN Car Radio

MultiVolt for Multifitting

Designed for 12V/24V road vehicles. Suitable for buses, trucks and jeeps to keep the music listening at the same level as when being played in the car.

24V Car Radio

Original Equipment Fitted

Designed for cars with selected models to ensure best fitting and no car gets left behind. With complex designing, OE device can play and work well for these specially selected cars.

OE Fitted

TV in the Car

Comprising of quintessential features for best time spent in the car. Blaupunkt Car Monitor is the perfect device to install in car for keeping the young kids calm and seated while driving.

Car Roof Monitor & Headrest

Break the Silence, Get Noticed

Blaupunkt horns are designed by German engineering to fit 12V cars and with such a small size in terms diameter, the horns help the driver to stand out from the crowd.

Car Horn

Fit up to 99% Car Models

Blaupunkt wipers are made of graphite coated superior natural rubber that is ozone resistant and high durability. The wipers have the ability to give 500,000 times of superior wipes.

Car Wiper Blade

Ultimate Bass

Creates magical experience in music entertainment for listeners in the car. The speakers enable the establishment of high frequency response in such ease.

Car Speaker

Enhance Music Experience

Designed through German engineering to optimize music streaming in the car by recreating low-pitched sound, known as the bass, for better music listening in the car.

Active Subwoofer

Get Connected with the Beat

Blaupunkt cables are to be vary in material & function, establish better and more steady connection between the devices and bring out entertainment to the maximum level.

Audio Cabling Accessories

Classy Symphony

Blaupunkt amplifer powers speakers at significant voltage power, with maximum output and amazing frequency response. It is the perfect accessory for music optimization.

Car Amplifier

Active Windscreen Antenna

Blaupunkt antennas can be fitted inside the car instead of outside, hence, diving the car a more modern look, at the same time prioritize its function.

Car Radio Antenna

Park with Precision

Blaupunkt reverse camera clears out the blind spot for drivers during reverse motion and increases the level o safety for pedestrians and pets, as well as young children.

Reverse Camera

Fine-tune for Car Audio System

Blaupunkt digital signal processors are removing equalization and enhance deficiencies of car audio to satisfy high-fidelity audiophile listeners.

Digital Signal Processor

3-Layer Filtration

Airpure offers 99.9% clean air sterilization with HEPA & Activated Carbon filtering system, Ultraviolet Germicidal lamp and an aroma holder for your preferred essential oil..

Air Purifier

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor

Safeguard your tire life span and improve your road safety with real-time tire pressure data or upgrade to a solar-powered TPMS for better energy saving.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Safeguard Your Vehicle

Blaupunkt car alarm come with smart simple design, providing better security and secure against theft.

Car Alarm

Reviving Dead Car Battery

Be prepared for battery-trouble at any time with the Blaupunkt Jump Start Booster Cable that delivers adequate amount of charge to a weakened battery.

Jump Start Cable

Reverse Parking Assistant

Blaupunkt reverse alarms are compatible to wide range of vehicles. It comes with dissipates sound during car reversing, engaging as a better warning.

Reverse Alarm

Business Opportunity

Hope you will find interesting business opportunities for co-operations with Blaupunkt Asia Pacific Competence Centre.

Business Opportunity

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